Jacko, known for his combat sport prowess as both a fighter and promoter Ali Jacko also found the courage to sing and started with a cover song but soon realised he actually had a “VOICE” for singing.

As a result he decided to pursue this alternative career and started writing his own music. Jacko had never even sang in the bathroom before and even his own family didn’t believe he could sing. Looking back he doesn’t actually blame them, as he still can’t quite believe himself that he can sing. Jacko sometimes has the feeling that he is going to wake up and it’s all going to be one big dream! In some respects it is a dream, a fairytale come true and he has always said “if I can sing, I will do so, to make amazing difference in the World touch peoples heart.”  

He was planning to release an Album or and EP with 6 tracks on but being Ali Jacko he decided to do something different and now the Plan is to release 11 x Singles, accompanied by 11 x Music Videos, in 11 Months, starting from the end of January 2018 all the way until November 2018.

Songs & Months