Underpinned gorgeously by the piano, Jacko wears his heart on his sleeve with his wistful lyrics complimenting the doubt in his delivery before traditional rock guitar drives the questions home as the chorus kicks in. The overall effect is that of a timeless rock ballad that builds slowly upon this hook and then swells to a crescendo of emotional power, like waves crashing to the shore.
– The Independent review by Malcolm Martine


There’s a world-weariness to Jacko’s vocal delivery that lends gravity to the lyrics of a song about finding love at an age when life’s problems can engulf us and prevent happiness. The heartfelt delivery of the verse, highlighting these problems is pleasantly supplanted by the catchy hook of the chorus that turns everything upbeat, melodic and hopeful. It’s the hook that gets under your skin and has you swaying along to the optimistic sentiments and the belief that you are never too old for love.